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Who are you trying to reach?

Beautiful design is not enough.

It must also be effective.

Whatever we design is targeted to the specific audience you are trying to reach.

Someone interested in purchasing a Honda 

would have different interests than someone looking 

to buy a Lotus.  

They are both cars, but they are different markets and have to be treated as such.

You wouldn't promote a Steak House the way you would a Health Food restaurant.

Knowing your market is vital!

And listening to your Client is vital!!  

I never say it can't be done. I try it first! 

Generate excitement

My background is in art, writing inspirational books & screenplays, film editing, as well as selling million dollar homes.  Visuals and Sales.  That's what it's all about!

We offer top level graphic design at incredible prices.

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Your needs are our first priority.  

Important gift to you.

Many times people believe they want a certain "look", and when they see it on paper it is not what they thought.  

I think we have all had that experience.   

All reasonable changes will be made at no cost to you.

We aren't happy unless you are!


Ten Thousand Villages

(Outside of Brochure)

Designed to show the beauty of handmade goods being sold to help craftsmen in third world countries.  

Ten Thousand Villages


Folded into thirds, it is deliberately designed for the effect of what you see as you open it up


Version 1 (Front)


Version 2 (Front)

Back of Version 1


This flyer was to be mass marketed to a select mailing.  Very inexpensive and very good exposure.

Back of Version 2

I try to focus on what is "unique",

that brings people in. 

Natural Health & Wellness

Front of the the brochure.

Holistic Health Practitioner

Different version for a 

different client.

Health Services Available

Inside information 

Mistos Catering

My client wanted more catering business, so that was emphasized.


My client wanted a design  that could be used with all kinds of 

Natural Food Recipies.


Reviews and photos


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